Study of the right hand of Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic

Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic meticulously described and accentuated the physiognomies of his characters. Beyond considering factors such as skin color or tone, posture, movements, and hair, he particularly focused on depicting hands and eyes. There was a tendency for him to intertwine the usual functions of these body parts. While the hands remained inactive, revealing the mental makeup of the individual through their gestures, the eyes, charged with creative energy, possessed a hypnotic and controlling quality. In a series of sketches, Wlastimil Hofman portrayed Karásek’s hands, consistently emphasizing their melancholic limpness, even rigidity. This portrayal aligned with Karásek’s decadent stylization, where the motionless or idle hand symbolized the artist’s persistent detachment from reality and immersion in dreams and fantasies.

Subject: Others
Author: Hofman, Wlastimil
Title: Study of the right hand of Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic
Date: 1930
Technique: ink drawing on cardboard
Dimensions: 36 × 24.5 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery fonds
Licence: Free license

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