I Tremble as I Bow to Your Wonders

With the exception of the figure in Meteor, touching his lip as if in a speechless rapture, Bílek accompanied each of the images displayed here with a statement that the figure might have said. The figure is thus depicted as a hieroglyphic symbol with a specific meaning and the body as a lexicon. Through an interplay of gestures, movements and facial expressions, each figure utters words, sometimes of the most intimate nature. The upward gaze, for example, symbolises the relationship between the human and the transcendental. Just as the body in Březina's poem asks about the soul’s adventures in the air, so does Bílek’s figures address God, who is usually made manifest by rays or a flood of light.

Subject: Others
Author: Bílek, František
Title: I Tremble as I Bow to Your Wonders
Date: 1913
Technique: woodcut on semi-cardboard
Dimensions: 19 × 15,2 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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