Hand and Soul

In the narrative of the English pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti entitled Hand and Soul, the soul of the painter Chiaro appears to him in female form and invites him to acquire complete self-knowledge, the prerequisite of genuine creativity and a meaningful life: “I am an image, Chiaro, of thine own soul within thee. See me, and know me as I am.. […] take now thine Art unto thee, and paint me thus, as I am, to know me […]. Do this; so shall thy soul stand before thee always, and perplex thee no more.”

Subject: Others
Author: Rosetti, Dante Gabriel
Title: Hand and Soul
Date: 1922
Place of publication: Praha
Publisher: Alois Dyk
Technique: etching on paper
Dimensions: 19 × 14 cm
Origin: Library of the Karásek Gallery
Licence: Free license

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