Photographic portrait of K. H. Hilar

Cropping and altering the orientation of the same photographic portrait of young K. H. Hilar, a future critic, essayist, playwright, and director, evoke a reclining pose, thereby changing the assumed focus of the young man’s gaze. While he stands, looking towards a source of light, perhaps a window through which the voices of the day reach him with their demands, the recliner’s eyes reflect the cosmic distances already beyond reach. Their glimpse confirms his artistry—the ability to perceive the unknown and translate it into his work. The juxtaposition of the images then suggests that the man becomes an artist in his soul without his surroundings necessarily noticing it, even though he himself is completely transformed by his creative gaze.

Subject: Others
Title: Photographic portrait of K. H. Hilar
Date: undated
Dimensions: 8,9 x 8,9 cm
Origin: fond Jarmil Krecar
Licence: Free license

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