Hugo Salus visiting Max Švabinský

Many Czech-German artists have come to terms with the experience of not being accepted. They admitted feeling like foreigners in the Czech Republic, even though they were born there. They did not find a home in Prague, which seemed ghostly to them. Moreover, authors of Jewish origin faced growing anti-Semitic sentiments. Hugo Salus often explored this discrepancy, attributing it to the Czechs, who were unwilling to embrace a foreigner trying to approach them. The exhibited photographs, which also express the difference between civil and artistic existence, juxtapose the portrait of a lonely young man with the scene of a visit to his Czech friend. However calmly he speaks, his posture and nervously intertwined hands continue to betray his shyness.

Subject: Others
Title: Hugo Salus visiting Max Švabinský
Date: ca. 1901
Technique: photograph
Origin: Hugo Salus Collection
Licence: Free license

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