Krakow Artists of 1900

In 1900, the leading Polish symbolist, Jacek Malczewski, depicted the members of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts on canvas, some of whom collaborated with him at the time in creating a relief frieze for the new Society building in Krakow (the so-called Pałac Sztuki). He placed the group portrait in a whimsical, mythologizing context, suppressing the civility of the individual portraits and evoking free-spirited artistic bohemian spirit. A whirl of naked nymphs takes place around the painters and the portraitist himself stands in the form of a satyr with a palette among them.

Subject: Others
Author: Malczewski, Jacek
Title: Krakow Artists of 1900
Date: 1900
Technique: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 73 × 255.5 cm
Licence: Free license

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