Prometheus's Liver

The story of the publication of Prométheova játra (Prometheus's Liver), written by Kolář in 1950, illustrates the fate of many other works that were confiscated and destroyed. Kolář's manuscript was seized by State Security agents during a search of Václav Černý's apartment two years after it had been written. Kolář's arrest and interrogation followed (Josef Hiršal described the events and the subsequent trial in his Let let (The Flight of Years). The book Prométheova játra, written in the form of a journal and ready for publication in 1969, was printed with changes made by a censor, and subsequently confiscated and destroyed. The 1985 exile edition (Toronto, Sixty-Eight Publishers) was based on the truncated version, while the most recent edition from 2016 contains the original text.

Subject: One Literature?
Author: Kolář, Jiří
Title: Prometheus's Liver
Date: 1970
Place of publication: Prague
Publisher: Československý spisovatel
Origin: Československý spisovatel Publishing House Collection
Licence: Free license

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