Portrait of Arnošt Procházka

Karel Hlaváček created many portraits of his friend Arnošt Procházka. The portraits included small sketches, in which he studied the silhouette of the critic's head, a generous depiction of Procházka striking the pose of a modern smoker, as well as miniature portraits. The miniatures in particular seem as if Hlaváček the draughtsman and graphic artist succeeded in capturing his sitter’s personality. The gaze from behind partially closed eyelids shows Procházka the uncompromising critic, and also suggests a man reading within himself, that he is moving through the spectral land of his imagination. Hlaváček depicted that land with extraordinary insight in a series of illustrations for Procházka's poems Prostibolo duše (The Prostibulum of the Soul).

Subject: Others
Author: Hlaváček, Karel
Title: Portrait of Arnošt Procházka
Date: 1896–1898
Technique: pencil on paper
Dimensions: 7,5 × 3,4 cm
Origin: Karásek Gallery Collection
Licence: Free license

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