Letter to Josef Hora (1942)

Jaroměř, 14. May 1942
District hospital, where they’re treating my stomach
Dear Hora!
You have honoured me with two poems for my 60th birthday, in the letter and on the address, and these verses are so beautiful that I cannot repay in any way other than that, as soon as I see you, I will give you a kiss – a lover’s kiss – the best I can.
Don’t try to defend yourself against me and don’t try to wipe your fingers on your sleeve. I want to reassure you that I don’t have a drippy nose yet.
So just surrender yourself to it.
You’re probably in Dobříš – stay in that stable – you’ve worked enough. Come out when you feel like
hoofing around again.
As I know you, you were always for real.
And you bit!
So, my Šemík, wish for grain!
Get well soon, be as healthy as a peacock!
From your lowly prosaic reptile.
Jaromír John
Subject: In the network
Author: John, Jaromír
Title: Letter to Josef Hora (1942)
Licence: Free license

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