The Wondrous Magicians. A Reader of Czech Stalinism in Verse from 1945 to 1955

Ladislav Štoll's paper, presented at the working conference of the Union of Czechoslovak Writers on 22 Jan. 1950, was published by Orbis in 1950. In addition to criticism of the poetry of J. Seifert, F. Halas, and other poets, it listed the mandatory precepts of socialist realism in poetry: “Socialist realism is not a group movement. It is a great historical culmination and outpouring of the artistic creative forces liberated by socialism, of all the healthy human potential, feelings, qualities and emotions that previously could not be expressed because of private ownership, because they were stifled in humans by the dark instinct for private ownership. A true artistic representation of all that is happening in people today with such marvellous historical inevitability cannot be realized unless the writer's talent is constantly cultivated by the truest philosophical ideology of the world and of life: Marxism-Leninism.”

Subject: One Literature?
Author: Brousek, Antonín
Title: The Wondrous Magicians. A Reader of Czech Stalinism in Verse from 1945 to 1955
Date: 1987
Place of publication: Purley
Publisher: Rozmluvy
Origin: získáno 1995
Licence: Free license

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