Malí fotografové

1st place

Immediately after first leafing through the pages of the book entitled Malí fotografové (Young Photographers) I was impressed by the way the creative and graphic sections are interconnected in form and content. The successful creativity of the story will draw you into the plot straightaway and the instructive passages will bring pleasure not only to a child reader, but also every lover of analogue photography. The selected typography and materials produce a compact look and complement each another. The colour black dominates the book making us reminisce of the traditionally used “underlay” of photoalbums or the gloom of a darkroom. This impression is strengthened in places by the use of a partly glossy varnish on the illustrations connected with the theme of photography and a photo album.

Michal Chodanič
Art Panel member

Authors: Tereza Nová, Jiří Forejt / Free Cinema
Illustrations: Nikola Logosová
Photographs: Barbora Doležalová, Tereza Nová
Book design: Barbora Toman Tylová
Publisher: František Havlůj – Běžíliška
Print: Tiskárna Helbich
ISBN 978-80-88360-10-0

Subject: The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2021
Title: Malí fotografové
Licence: Free license

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