Impressions of Paka

František Pečinka’s poem ‘Hyper-pleinair’ depicts the current transformation of the landscape and pedestrians in a sharp midday dazzle, when everything loses its identity and colours, and one feels torn out of the familiar environment. A similar experience is expressed in the three landscape paintings, in which one dominant light stimulus subdues the whole of reality – the viewer and his world. While the warm tones of Dvořák’s twilight are soothing, the oppressive sludge of the swamp in Pečinka’s painting pulls everything together, and the impenetrable mass of snow in Lebeda’s oil sketch closes all paths. This work is aptly considered to be the last work before the painter’s suicide.

Author: Pečinka, František
Title: Impressions of Paka
Date: 1897
Licence: Free license
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